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Dr Hayk Sargsyan graduated from Yerevan State Medical University in 1993. After completion of internship in general dentistry, he started to apply the acquired knowledge into experience, commencing his professional career at the Institute of Cardiology named after L. Hovhannisyan. Dr Sargsyan has worked there for 6 years as a general dentist in the outpatient department.
The first work experience was followed by the private practice for 7 years and then, by the compilation of managerial and clinical responsibilities in “Manuk” policlinic in a capacity of a head of dentistry department.

Simultaneously, Dr Sargsyan has got a scientific degree of Medical Doctor by defending the dissertation on the theme “Morphological basis of orthodontic tooth movement”. Scientific work, clinical experience and participation at various conferences, seminars and trainings supported his professional growth in general dentistry; however proved Dr Sargsyan’s special interest in the field of orthodontics.

Currently, Dr Hayk Sargsyan is heading the dental clinic of Yerevan State University and has extensive professional experience in orthodontics. He has undergone several training courses and participated at different workshops and seminars. The list includes, but is not limited to: IOS 7th and 10th International Orthodontic Symposium, EOS Satellite Conference “Actual issues in contemporary orthodontics”, EOS Post-conference training course “Precision bracket bonding” by A. Zentner, “Tracing of cephalometric X-rays” and “Photodocumentation” training course by R. Radlanski, IVOS 4-th Vienna International Symposium “Megatrends in Orthodontics”, “Herbst Apparatus in everyday practice” training course by G. Zoeller, “Modern Orthodontic Treatment – step toward future” II International Orthodontic Joint Conference, etc.

Affiliation to the professional associations, such as Association of Orthodontists of Armenia (Vice President), Eurasia Orthodontic Association, Scientific Board of IOS Symposium, European Orthodontic Society supports continuous capacity building, enabling application of contemporary methods and technologies in the field of orthodontics in Armenia.

Dr. Arthur Aghabekyan graduated from Yerevan State Medical University in 1997. After completing internship in general dentistry at Dental Clinic N 8 he continued his professional career at the Children’s Republican Dental Center as anOrthodontist.
In 2002 he was invited to Yerevan State Medical University, the Chair of Children’s Dentistry and Prevention of Dental Diseases, where he was teaching as well as researching. Dr. Aghabekyan is constantly developing his professional knowledge and skills in orthodontics taking active part in continuing training courses, academic seminars and conferences. The following are some examples - the VII and the X International Orthodontic Symposium (IOS), Satellite Conference “Current Issues in Contemporary Orthodontics” (EOS), training course “Precision Bracket Bonding” by Prof. A. Zentner (EOS), the IV Vienna International Symposium “Megatrends in Orthodontics” (IVOS), and many others.
Dr.Aghabekyan has successfully completed the official Invisalign certificationsystem and currently he is the only certified InvisalignOrthodontistin Armenia. This system enables to carry orthodontic treatments without brackets.
Dr.Aghabekyan is a board member of the Armenian Association of Orthodontists, hehas joined the European Association of Orthodontists and the Eurasian Association of Orthodontists. Doctor Aghabekyanis an enthusiastic Orthodontist, and great professional ready to embark on a challenging career.


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