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Orthopaedics (dental prosthetics)

This is the second most demanded dental service after preventive dentistry. Various and complicated objectives faced by prosthodontists are often addressed in the process of implantation, orthodontic therapy and aesthetical restoration of teeth. That is why sometimes restoration of even one missing tooth requires involvement of several specialists.

Most often services of prosthodontists are needed when destroyed teeth are restored using tooth crowns and inlays, which helps preserving the integrity of the tooth. Of course the success in dental prosthetics depends first of all on doctor’s skills, but materials used for preparation of crowns are of no less importance. In YSU dental clinic all types of dental crowns are applied – from traditional metal to zirconia all-ceramic crown which enables improving the appearance of the tooth while preserving strength of the construction.

Preparation of fixed dentures implies use of bridges (partial dentures) when the defect, i.e. missing teeth, is bounded by teeth from both sides. In case of wider defects of teeth rows and/or full absence of teeth removable dentures are used. Our clinic offers a wide variety of choices, including classical acryl, nylon, and clasp dental prosthesis. The YSY dental clinic cooperates with the best prosthodontic laboratories of Yerevan city.
Today implant prosthetics has proven to be the most progressive method of replacement of extracted teeth. It enables preserving neighboring teeth and in most cases avoiding removable dentures.


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