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Specialists of our Clinic attach great attention to early diagnosis of caries, which enables our patients receiving timely care instead of more costly treatment of caries complications.

Up-to-date diagnostic equipment is used for early diagnosis (digital radiography, intra-oral dental chambers, etc.). The use of most recent generation of filling materials enables performing aesthetic restoration of even badly destroyed teeth, reconstruction of which in the past was possible only through dentures. If the tooth cannot be preserved living, root canal treatment - i.e. endodontics is performed.

The rationale of endodontics is first of all based on the fact that poor treatment of complicated caries (pulpitis and periodontitis), often times leads to loss of teeth. The success in the treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis depends heavily on availability of modern instruments for penetration into and widening of root canals as well as the quality of drugs for medical processing and filling of canals.

Gum diseases are most common after caries lesion of teeth. Many patients turn to us after experiencing an unsuccessful treatment in the past. Complex treatment of periodontitis enables achieving good healing even at severe stages of the disease. Its effectiveness is based on elimination of pathological pockets, splinting of mobile teeth and recovery of the correct bite.


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